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The first annual Houston Cigar Week™ kicked off in 2021 on the week of National Holiday, Memorial Day, and was acclaimed as one of Texas' biggest cigar festivals to date. This event was found by SODO, Spades Cigars™, Westside Smokers, For Smokers Only, John of BIC Crew in collaboration with Texas Cigar Aficionados. The week included 15 cigar-related events, 35+ cigar vendors with an 85% sell-out rate, and over 2,500 cigar enthusiasts from around the globe enjoined to celebrate the cigar culture and lifestyle in the fourth largest city in America. 



Unlike no other, Houston is known for its southern hospitality, delicious food, and diverse cultural experiences. This year, our mission is to continue to be innovative in our approach to cultivating the cigar experience in the City of Houston and surrounding areas. 

May 24 - 29, 2021

Founders of Houston Cigar Week™

Westside Smokers, John of BIC Crew, Spades Cigars™, Texas Cigar Aficionados, SODO and For Smokers Only

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May 24 - 29, 2021


For General, Title or Liquor Sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Houston Cigar Week™ team by email at  info@houstoncigarweek.org.  

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